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We are Wicked Faith.  A four piece rock band from Norwich, UK, formed in the latter part of 2011.


We were brought together via a love of music, and we are doing all in our power to bring our music to you. The real music lovers. Because we are one of you. In the short time we have been together, we have released an EP, released an album, played venues we used to dream about playing including headlining The Waterfront main stage in our home town of Norwich, the 02 Academy Islington and the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street, London. But it's all about the music - always has been, always will be.


We firmly believe in creating the music we want to create, and not be guided by fashions or scenes. What you hear is us. Matt, Becki, Jade and Tim.  Our debut album "Under No Illusion" was our first musical statement. And that has opened the door to many amazing things. But the biggest thing with this band is, don't get comfortable. Music was never created to be comfortable, and our influences NEVER made people comfortable. We may be a young band pretty new to the scene, but in the time we've been together, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of this industry.  And have seen that the only thing that truly counts is honesty. Thanks for joining us,  this will be an exciting journey...


Born in Norwich 1993, growing up in a semi-religious background. The music of faith was one that rammed the soul in every direction possible, vocals were everything. Years of living later, the pining began. To find something new, from violin lessons (It was as bad as you can imagine) to acting lessons. Nothing fit. At an odd age (16 to be exact) an internet sensation of the moment came: Julia Nunes. A lot of people would say, who? Go forth and investigate. She was the leading inspiration to finding something. So I learned ukulele, then guitar and did every open mic night that was there, every jam, gigs, catching up on everything I'd missed from playing video games. (And I still am a nerd, and PROUD of it ;) )


So, band applications began, and auditions, but nothing felt right. Until February 13th 2012, when I auditioned for Wicked Faith. Two days later, the call came. And here we are. A lot of things done, a lot of dreams complete. Where to next?

tim frost

From the small market town of Halesworth, I picked up the guitar at the age of twelve. Life has never been better! I do not come from what I would call a "musical family" per se, they all love music but do not play any instruments or have a background within its many realms (except my big brother Rob, who is a mean drummer). It was when I first heard Queen that I became interested in the guitar (thanks Grandad!) and a few years later Guns 'N' Roses (who I hated a first) gave me that final big push, as well as my best friend. After spending many years playing heavy metal and instrumental rock I found my musical home in Wicked Faith, although the prior passions still remain.


I like to listen to any form of music, though my heart is with artists such as Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, B.B. King and other players of that nature, not forgetting my heroes in Metallica. The Black Album is one of the most important records to me, and also Joe Satriani's 'Crystal Planet' which was the first Satch album I ever owned. The actual first piece of music that I ever owned was a cassette and was the 'Miami' single by Will Smith. I still love it. When not doing "the band and that" I likes to spend my hours watching movies, or whole series at time, occasionally taking a break to read a little. I use Ibanez guitars and like to tinker with my pedalboard ;) "You'll never get out, 'cause you were never alive".

MIA webster

Before you read all this, I'd just like to point out that most people think I'm an antisocial here's just enough information to get an idea of what I'm all about. I'm originally from a little place called Wallasey, just outside Liverpool. I lived there until I was 16, then moved to the strange, but wonderful city of Norwich. I love spicy food! (I blame my dad for this!). Curries and Nando's RULE! I love watching films. All the Rocky films are amazing (apart from Rocky V, cos it sucks!) but Rocky IV is my favourite EVER!, The Shawshank Redemption is a close second. I also love Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction (well, pretty much every Tarantino film) plus all the Toy Story's and stuff with Hugh Grant (can't knock him!).


I have a pretty varied taste in music and listen to everything from Nine Inch Nails and Jurassic 5 to Fiona Apple and The Distillers. I've loved music my whole  life. The first band I ever saw live were Bowling For Soup when they were touring their Drunk Enough To Dance album in 2003 (which is still one of my favourite albums to this day!) Seeing them play live was the coolest thing ever to me, and years later I was lucky enough to play a song on stage with them (thanks Erik, you guys rule!) But my favourite album of all time is 'Letters' by Butch Walker. Anyone who knows me knows that his music means the world to me. I'd never heard anything so perfectly crafted and I haven't since. There's a little piece of me in that album somehow...anyway, I digress. Skip ahead to 2007... I'm the idiot who started studying a music diploma without being able to play an instrument. (I told you it was true love!). So, after trying pretty much everything else, the second I put on a bass it all made sense. This is the place where I would meet Matt (and almost leave college because I hated him for the first few months!). He's not so bad now by the way! :P It's been a long and strange journey to get here, but I'm finally home..

matt dove

I can't remember a time when music wasn't my life! My dad had been a singer and trumpet player and my mum a singer and bass player (this combination apparently equals drummer?). As a result, I was always around all kinds of music: Elvis, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Zeppelin, Floyd, Meatloaf, Jethro Tull, Dr Feelgood... The War of the Worlds, Riverdance... you get the picture!!


I first sat behind a drum kit when I was about six years old, though I didn't start taking it seriously until I was about ten. From that moment until now it's been the dominant love in my life! I started my first band at high school when I was twelve, under the  pretty killer title of 'Grandma's Fruit bowl'. We rocked some pretty intense school assemblies and I think even a club at one point! My musical career really began to pick up speed the next year when I found an awesome group of friends that introduced me to Folk (well, the big,  bashy, jump around type anyway!).  We played all over the place for the next few years as 'The Folk Collective'. It can still be seen very, very occasionally to this day! During this time I helped start my first Heavy Rock Band by the name of 'Marble Heart'. I learnt a lot in this time about gigging and writing and hitting things even harder! I also did a few cover things around this time, most notably a Frank Zappa tribute, which was a brain melter!


This is when I started a music diploma at Norwich City College and where me and Mia first met. After not exactly seeing eye to eye to begin with, we realised that we both lived for music! We set up various projects and prototypes for what was to become 'Wicked Faith' and today is so much more than we ever imagined! We are a family, and we've all been through a lot to make it that way! Cheers for checking us out, see you soon! Matt X


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